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I am known as DearSybersue around the Web. I am dating relationship advice coach,youtube show host and advice columnist I help men and women find love! ❤️ I encourage my clients to create a positive self-awareness when dealing with dating & relationship issues, painful breakups/divorce and life patterns that may stuck or in need of a change. I offer a confidential, experienced and very professional viewpoint that friends, partners and family often don’t understand due to the deeper dynamics of what is really going in. I have been in your shoes and know what you’re going through! I can help you with: 1) Any of your dating questions. 2) Help you rekindle your relationship. 3) I offer Dating tips for single parents. 4) Assist you in removing stale repetitive patterns/behaviours and old belief systems. 5) Boost your self-esteem and confidence levels! 6) Together we can create an amazing dating profile to get you noticed! 7) Teach you how get over your Ex! 8) I can help you regain your self-worth after a difficult breakup. Please email me at to schedule an appointment on the Fibler app. Give me a few times to work with. I am located on the west coast in Canada PST time zone. 🌺 To see my videos and blog posts go to Thank you!


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